Holiday Tree - Free SVG - Download here

Don't we all need this pine tree shape right about now? here's a great tree SVG for your Christmas or Holiday projects. We are going to cut down our own tree this year!

Happy crafting!

Click here to download this free .svg file.


Snowflake Card - Free SVG Download

This card can be stretched or pulled to make almost any size. There is another one with different snowflakes in the donation download (info on top of right side bar) as well as the individual snowflakes that match this.

I'm getting my Christmas cards all ready to go! :)


Christmas Religious - Free SVG Nativity Download

I can't credit the source on this one, it's one of the very few here that I didn't personally make but it has made it rounds all through the blog-o-sphere. I just converted it to an .svg. The license on google said it was open/free to use. So, here ya go. :)

Click here to download the free Nativity .svg file.


Free SVGs more Christmas?! Fawns this time...

You know the drill by now. ;)

If you want more check out the right sidebar for the huge download of SVGs sent to your email.

  Click here to download the standing up fawn free .svg file.